Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Troy State Jokes

Q: What does a girl from Troy do if she's not in bed by 10pm? 
A: Go Home. 

Q: Why do Troy State basketball players use body heat activated deodorant? 
A: Because it's the closest they will come to getting a "degree". 

Q: Why do Troy State students have such beautiful noses? 
A: They're hand picked. 

Q: Why did Troy State disband its water polo team? 
A: All the horses drowned. 

Q: What's the difference between a Troy State diploma and toilet paper? 
A: About $50,000 per sheet. 

Q: What does it say on the back of every Troy State diploma? 
A: Will Work For Food. 

Q: Why did the Troy State grad cross the road? 
A: Better question why is he out of jail? 

Q: How does a dumb blonde get into college? 
A: She applies to Troy State. 


  1. I had never heard of Troy State. But if all the blondes go there, I may sign up!

  2. No respect for a little-known college?